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Killer Whale Audio always keeps an eye out for a fresh twist on an idea that, for some, may have become clichéd.  Over the years, we've seen many different ways to do some very traditional things.  For instance,


I was wondering why there was a wicker basket filled with different sizes of thong flip-flops next to the dance floor.  It didn't take me long to figure it out when all the girls who wore the "pretty" shoes (you know, the brand new, yet not broken in pair) kicked 'em off, went to the basket and pulled a comfortable pair in their size and proceeded to dance all night long!  How thoughtful was my bride?  Wouldn't work for everyone, but she knew her guests and came up with a great way to keep feet from being bare and not beat up the next morning!  I asked and she went to Old Navy and bought a bunch of inexpensive pair and various sizes!


If there will be a lot of single, or unmarried guests at your wedding, chances are you wouldn't want to skip throwing the bouquet.  However, should there be mostly couples, and only a few "bachelorettes," a neat alternative we've seen is to have us announce a special "longevity dance" for all the married couples.  Don't tell them why, just say the bride and groom insist all the married couples dance this next dance with them.  During the song, we say, "If you've been married for five years or less, please sit down," and so on, until we get to the point where the only pair left is the longest married couple.  Then, the bride presents her lovely bouquet to the lady, while the groom hands the garter to the gentleman. (Some choose to skip the garter.)  When the reason for the dance is at last revealed, there's always a warm fuzzy reaction from your guests.  Of course, we make sure to work closely with your photographer/videographer so as not to miss capturing that moment.


There is certainly nothing wrong with the tried and true signing of the guest book.  Nonetheless, an idea rapidly gaining in popularity is to have a large picture mat with an 8 by 10 cutout on the table to sign instead.  Guests sign with pens that write in silver and gold, and afterward, you can select one of your favorite shots from your pictures to frame up and hang on the wall.  We often hear from married couples that wish they had done this neat alternative.  Because, while you will get the 'ol guest book out from time to time, a signed picture hung conspicuously is a great conversation piece and a wonderful reminder of one of your life's best moments that you'll walk by time and again.  Yet another twist for those who are "sewing capable" of our brides offered pieces of fabric for the guests to sign with permanent ink pens, then after the wedding, they were sewn together to make a wedding quilt.


If you're utilizing balloons either outdoors, or in a warm area at any time for your event, make sure to under inflate them slightly to allow for expansion in the sun!  We've seen guests almost faint from the loud BANG! a balloon makes when it reaches its limit!


We've all seen the disposable cameras on the tables for guests to take some non-professional candid photographs.  Here's a "killer" idea though...make sure to put one in the hands of a child.  (providing children attend, and making sure they're capable of operating it.)  What they see and what's important to them are views "adults" have often long overlooked.  The pictures you get back of your event as seen through the eyes of a child can be refreshingly entertaining!


This certainly falls into the category of "you don't have to do something just because that's the way it has always been done."  One bride decided she didn't want to be "fed" cake at her reception.  But, what to do for an alternative?  A few calls later, and she had lined up a "Ben & Jerry's" Ice Cream Bar for her reception.  She said it cost slightly more than cake would have for the same amount of guests, and it was quite the topic of conversation.  Make sure to add a personal touch by picking out a few clever names for your selected flavors like, "shotgun strawberry" or "nuptial nilla!"  Bon appetite!


Take our advice if your ceremony includes the lighting of a "unity candle." Prelight them first!  This is very important to help ensure they light when they're supposed to.  At the alter, cameras rolling, during the ceremony is not a good time to find out the unity candle's wick is too short, or tough to get lit.  And, let all three of the candles burn for a few minutes before blowing them out.  This will prevent the wax from covering up the wick!  


A big thanks to my bride, Amy Tounge, for sending us this very useful tip:  "For brides, like me, who are from out of the area...put all the family and wedding party member's cell phone and rental house numbers on a "credit card" sized piece of paper, and laminate it so everyone can keep them in their wallet.  This would have helped us countless times when trying to track people down in the days before!"  Of course, you don't need all the guests numbers, but I can sure see how this would really come in handy when you're trying to round up the key players!  And, I checked for you...those laminating plastic kits are just pennies at stores like Wal Mart & Fred Meyer.  Thank you, Amy, and congratulations, again!  We sure had fun! 

If you have any helpful tips, or perhaps have seen a new twist on a long-standing tradition, please share it, so that others may see some neat alternatives, and incorporate them into their events.  Just leave your idea under "Any particulars or special notes" on the Killer Whale Audio Contact Form.

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