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Wow!  After all that've walked down the aisle and said, "I do!"  Everyone wants to see your ring.  The pressure is finally off.  Now, you should relax, enjoy your reception and turn things over to us.  For the next few hours, it's our job to lead the festivities, play music that is just right for you and your guests, and keep the reception flowing.  

Here are some frequently asked questions about how Killer Whale Audio conducts a ceremony and reception.

"What happens next?"

Usually, after the ceremony, your photographer will want to get a few more shots, then you'll meet up with your friends and family at the reception site.  Of course, we will have already discussed whether or not you wish to be formally announced when you make your grand entrance.  Here's something most people don't give much thought to...we've found it's very important to take the edge off of a quiet room with some simple background music.  It makes an incredible difference before and during dinner.  Music will always be one of the most important and memorable parts of your reception.  Guests tell me they hardly remember the cake or what the dress looked like, but they surely remember the music, particularly when the DJ does a "killer" job.

"Can you announce this?  When do we dance?  What's the order?"

Killer Whale Audio is expert when it comes to acting as your Master Of Ceremonies.  We help you to relax with the knowledge things will happen just as you want them.  As mentioned above, whenever possible, we personally meet with you at least two weeks prior to your wedding.  We fill out our wedding planner, discussing everything from your preferred order of events, such as toasting and cutting the cake, to your musical tastes, your first dance, We love to help organize all your special events!the bouquet and garter toss, and so on.  We want to make sure we know how to pronounce names properly...all so that we may keep your reception running smoothly.  We will coordinate with your photographer/videographer so they know what's coming up in order to get all the right pictures, and with your wait staff to make sure the champaign is ready when you want to toast.  We really love taking care of those details that you shouldn't have to bother with on your day.



























"Dancing...Band or DJ?"         I'm dizzy!

Photo by K-Lyn PhotographyWhile having a DJ you can trust to handle all your MC duties is very important, Killer Whale Audio really shines when it comes to getting the crowd on the dance floor.  Nothing against bands, but a DJ will usually cost less merely because in a band, there is typically more than one member that has to be paid.  Supposing money is not a concern, even a great band is still limited to playing only the songs in their repertoire, while a DJ can play music that spans all ages and tastes.  Brides and Grooms often go through their own CD's to find songs they want to hear at their reception.  Though it's rare, if we don't have a particular song or CD, I always say, "Bring it!"  We can certainly play any CD you bring.  It's kind of hard to get that flexibility with a band.  And, not every band may have the appearance that you want at your reception.  Killer Whale Audio always checks what proper attire will be, and then dresses the part.   

Regarding the order, generally the rule of etiquette is that guests wait to dance until after the bride and groom have done their first dance.  Other special dances such as a father/daughter, or wedding party dance would follow, then we open up the dancing for everyone.  A bouquet and garter toss, money dance, or other activities can be inserted whenever you like.  If you're having a hard time picking a specific song for a special dance, take a look at our Song Lists for some "killer" suggestions.  Be sure to check out our New Twists page for some helpful hints and new ideas to try.

"Do you play for the ceremony, too?"

Absolutely.  Killer Whale Audio is highly skilled at handling the seating music for guests, walking music for bridesmaids, bridal processional, and recessional music cuts, all at the perfect volume and timing.  We provide a microphone for your officiant, so even guests seated way in the back will be able to hear what's happening up front.  If you have a reader, or singer involved in your ceremony, we can provide a wireless handheld mic, and even put effects on your singer's vocals!  A huge selling point for having Killer Whale Audio perform for your ceremony, is our studio for song editing and playback.  Here's the dilemma, you want us to handle the ceremony music, but how will you know you'll like the music?  Our studio enables us to play different cuts of music over the phone for you to choose for the seating, walking, etc.  That way you're able to hear, in advance, and pick the exact cut of music that will play on your wedding day!  In addition, we've had brides say they wanted a certain song to dance for their first dance, but they don't like a part in the middle of the song, and is it possible to edit and remove that middle part?  We do it all the time!  Taking care of your special needs, and going the extra distance to make sure you're totally satisfied is our mission.

"How much do you charge?"

Boy! That is a "loaded" question!  And, here's why...Killer Whale Audio will never just blurt out a "generic" figure.  Any vendor who does runs the risk of either underselling themselves, or more importantly, overcharging you for something you may not need.  We'll leave it to you to figure out which way a vendor is going to err!  To be sure, this is certainly one of the most important questions asked of us, especially for those who are looking to trim their budget.  Everyone wants a bargain, but you should be careful what you budget for - you just might get it!  And, while no one wants "cheap" at their wedding, we can agree this is the one day you can't look back on and say, "I'll do it right next time!"  To paraphrase an article we read:  A DJ, photographer, florist...essentially any vendor can only perform one wedding at a time.  When a person's work begins to be demanded by more couples, the price will naturally rise, simply because that's how such talent-based businesses grow.  When four brides want you for their wedding, your work is in demand, and obviously worth more than it was when you just waited for the phone to ring.  Simple supply and demand.  We're proud to say, if you click on our references page, you'll find for the experience and services we've provided, our prices are considered to be both reasonable and competitive.  Killer Whale Audio handles each event based on it own merits.  While such factors as the amount of equipment, and length of time you need us would obviously affect the rate, there are many more details that we've learned to ask prior to giving a quote.  It takes so little time to get your particulars correct, and then we can arrive at a far more accurate price based on what you would like, not what we think you need.  Wouldn't you agree, that sounds logical, and fair to both?  Go on!  See if we're available!  Call us, or simply fill out our Contact Form to check, and lock in Killer Whale Audio for your special day!  

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We would be honored to be part of your celebration!

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